Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making a final push on agriculture

Negotiators in Copenhagen have come up with text for a possible statement on agriculture, in AWG-LCA 8, item 3 (Ad Hoc Working Group on Long Term Cooperative Action). As of 8 am, Nov 15th, it was all bracketed, meaning that agreement was not achieved by the negotiators.

It is now being considered at the ministerial level. I agree with the CGIAR Challenge Programme on Agriculture and Food Security that is urging Parties to support the full inclusion of the following bracketed paragraphs:

[Decides that all Parties, with respect to the agriculture sector and taking into account their common but differentiated responsibilities and their specific nationala nd regional development priorities, objectives and circumstances, shall promote and cooperate in the research, development, including transfer of technologies, practices and processes that control, reduce or prevent anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly that that improve the efficiency and productivity of agricultural systems in a sustainable manner and those that could support adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change, thereby contributing to safeguarding food and livelihood security.]

[Requests and subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advise to establish, at its thirty-second session, a programme of work on agriculture to enhance the implementation of Article 4, paragraph 1(c) of the Convention, taking into account paragraph 1 above].

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