Friday, December 2, 2011

The cops at COP

A few days before my departure for Durban, the lunchroom conversation in my department centred on what a dangerous place Durban would be. Other big international meetings held in Durban over the last few years have experienced big problems with petty crime. Apparently 800 delegates to the World Parks Congress were robbed.

This certainly isn't the case at these meetings. There are police everywhere. A couple ago I asked what I thought was a security guard to call a cab for me. He said no problem and spoke into his radio. As I was waiting I had a nice conversation with the police officer; lots of locals like to compare the order of the UNFCCC COP wiith the disorder of the World Cup Soccer Matches held here last year. I was soon in conversation with 3 other officers. A small platoon of police witnessed my sunside run yesterday morning. It is refreshing to see lots of delegates out running, walking and biking on the streets.

One of the officers explained that the deployment of police to Durban was likely just causing a displacement of crime from these areas of Durban to other areas that now have lower police coverage.

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