Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Elizabeth May in Durban

I got used to seeing Elizabeth May's face and voice from television coverage of the recent election in Canada. I thus found it easy to recognize Ms. May when she sat behind me at the COP meeting. I introduced myself and found her to be as engaging in person as she appears on television. She had just arrived in Durban and was pleased that she was able to register as a Party (an official government representative), not of Canada, but the Island Nation of Papua New Guinea. She offered to come to speak at the UofA when she happens to come to our city. I offered a standing invitation.

It will be great to have an alternative voice speaking for Canada here in Durban, especially for the press who are otherwise forced to conclude that the Harper Government speaks for all Canadians. From the vocal Canadian youth here in Durban, and the recent opinion poll numbers, many Canadians would like to take a constructive approach to these internatonal talks.

You can keep up with Elizabeth May through her blog at:

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